One toe in the pond


If it weren’t for others “coming out” and putting their “bipolar-ness” into words, I’m not sure I would have the courage to do the same.  While I only have one toe in the “coming out” pond, I see myself taking the polar bear plunge someday soon.

One of those I owe thanks to for this strength is Bipolar Mom. Reading her blog, with a little “Rocky” theme song thrown in, and I’m so empowered I almost skyrocket right into mania. All kidding aside, her words really do matter.

So here’s what I’m talking about. This is bit I pulled last night from her e-book, “Find Your Brave” (which you can download here for free):   “A mental illness diagnosis is not a death sentence. Even though it may feel like it at the time. It’s just a curve ball that life has thrown out, and it’s your job to adjust your stance, tighten up your grip, and swing accurately so that you can hit it out of the park. Every time. Just because you’re living with a mental illness, doesn’t mean you can’t hit a home run in the game of life.

There will be many at-bats. There will be times when you’ll strike out, times when you’ll walk, and times when you’ll nail that homer. The key is to keep your eye on the ball: Getting well and staying well.

Yippee! When life seems impossible there’s nothing better than reading or listening to something or someone who lifts you up. Would I love to be able to lift myself up? Of course. But I don’t always cooperate. So thanks Bipolar Mom, and all of you other courageous women and men out there who are making it just a bit easier for me to hold my head high and look to the future with a little bit of courage.

Whether it’s another blogger, a quote from Richard Dreyfuss (yep, he’s bipolar) or a line in a movie (“Of Two Minds“), I love it when someone else explains perfectly what’s been swirling around in my head. Perhaps because I was just diagnosed in July, I’m too new to my bipolar-ness to be able to wrap my head around it (I know, funny). I’m starting to get it, but far from crystal clear clarity. And, like I said, for now, I have just one toe in the pond.

About Steph on Bipolar Ave

Join me on my #bipolar journey. I'm Mom (two kids, four horses, one Schnoodle and a bunny). Wife. Medical nerd. Writer. Sushi eater. Cowboy boots wearer. Beach lover. Social media junkie.
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