About Steph

I’m Steph. I’m a wife. Mom to many (two kiddos, four horses, one schnoodle and a bunny). Sushi consumer. Cowboy boot wearer. Garden grower. Introvert hider (at times anyway). Writer. I’ve even won some writing awards. Struggler. Feels like I’ve been struggling a very long time. Only now, I have answers. Bipolar disorder battler.

I was diagnosed in July 2013 — about 25 years late.

I hate it. But I love finally knowing. Clarity is a wonderful thing.

I hope this blog tackles the stigma – one uninformed person at a time – gives solace to others with bipolar disorder, and, selfishly, provides this bipolar writer with a much-needed outlet. Join me as I tread new waters, look for answers, knock down walls, and just try to get through this thing called life.

Follow me on Twitter @50ShadesBipolar

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